Somehow, doing what I do, has put me in touch with some of the raddest people around.  Recently, @TheVintageTwin got a hold of me and asked if I would like to help them make some money for a charity of my choice.  The ONE charity I haven’t been able to use my Instagram and Tumblr to help support, was the Free Tibet campaign.  Right now, 10% of all purchases on their website goes directly to, a charity I’ve been a member of for Years and absolutely love helping.

They sent me these sweet shades, and they are selling more like them for only $25 with free shipping, as well as a whole ton of other rad vintage products, original clothing, and just all around rad stuff you need for your body, or your house.  Every purchase sends 10% back to so the more you get, the more they give.

Thanks ladies for letting me be a part of this rad sale and help raise money for a cause that’s so near and dear to my heart.  Go follow @TheVintageTwin on Instagram, check out their website at and help raise some money.  Tell them @TylerKnott sent ya!