Be You.  No one else, only you.  And while you’re busy being you, be a You that helps, and helps, and gives, and gives.  There are people everywhere that need our help, and it’s up to us to step up and deliver.  Right now there are children being born with Down syndrome who have parents that just do not believe they can provide adequate care…these kids need homes, they need love and support and they need to be cherished.  This week @Sevenly is partnering with International Down Syndrome Coalition to fund financial support for families adopting a child with Down syndrome. With your support, and purchase of a shirt like this rad one, or any other product they are selling this week, they will donate $7 and help connect these children with families who will provide a permanent and loving home.

Follow this link:

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You are changing lives every single week you Like, Comment on, or respond to my photos like this.  Every shirt you buy, every time you repost, you’re helping save a life.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.