Right now, right this very now, there is more beauty around us than we’d ever believe possible.  It’s everywhere, and we, all of we, are lucky to see it.  Unfortunately, there are literally Millions of girls in China that never got that chance, and never will.  This week @Sevenly is teaming up with All Girls Allowed, a charity that is dedicated to restoring life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers revealing the injustice to China’s One-Child Policy.  We can help, and every single purchase of a shirt like this one that @SarahLinden is rocking, or another amazing design, sends $7 directly to their charity.  We have to be a voice for the voiceless and we can do it now, instantly, and get something back in return.  Please help.  Please. 

Go here:


or follow the link in @Sevenly ‘s bio to learn more and to snag one of these limited edition shirts today.  Thank you, so much for helping.  Thank you.