Something a little different with this one, but ridiculously near and dear to my heart.  As you know, I’ve worked with the wonderful and inspiring charity @KrochetKids over the past few months, and they reached out and asked me to be a part of their sister company, doing unbelievably wonderful things in Northern Uganda, 31 Bits.  This necklace, one of so very many amazingly designed and completely recycled pieces of jewelry, is handmade out of paper in Uganda by amazing women.  31 Bits provides the women with jobs, educations and the means to pick themselves up out of charity, and rise themselves up above it.  They can be the orchestrator of their own salvation, and I absolutely love it.  Please, follow the link below:

and learn more, buy some amazing jewelry and in turn, help provide these beautiful and talented women with the means to continue changing their lives, and the lives of their family around them.  We can help, and we can get back in return.  How can we possibly go wrong?

Check out their website, follow them on Instagram, @31Bits and start helping out, they need all the love we can give.