Love. Is. Louder.  Than hate, than sorrow, than harm, than bullying, than image, than tears, than ego, than anger, than depression, than hopelessness.  Love is louder.  Now is your chance to give that love, and help support a cause that is helping give a voice to the voiceless.  Love Is Louder is a wonderful charity that as we speak is reaching out to kids with anything from body image issues to suicidal thoughts and self-harm, and helping them get the love and support they need.  Now, we can help them and in the process get an amazing hoodie like this or any number of other insanely awesome products.  For every purchase, $7 goes directly to the charity and helps a child in need.  Please, buy one, today.  Head over and follow @Sevenly and click the link in their bio or go here:

Thank you, so very much from @SarahLinden and I.  You are doing so very much and I cannot express what it means.