Typewriter Series #55 by Tyler Knott Gregson

How would you like me to tell you?
How would you like me to explain
when I try to describe to you how
much I want you? Do I say it with
words, or with long sighs out of my
tired lungs? Do I whisper it or
scream it across the space that should
not be separating us any longer?
Do I kneel down and with hands clasped
together phrase it as a question that
begins with ‘will’ and ends softly
with ‘stay here forever,’ the ‘you’
choked out in between the two halves.
Do I type it or carve it into
my skin so the blood can show you and
the scar forever remind you? Do I
beg or do I swallow it all and hope
that you know the way to see into my
chest, the letters white like bones
in the x-ray of how I am feeling?
Do I sink or do I swim? Which would
show you more, if sinking demands
bravery and swimming requires folly?
Tell me how to tell you and the
telling will be told.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-