Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope this year, all you need is right beside you. I hope you take deep breaths and love the feeling of full lungs. I hope you have the hand you want to hold close enough to reach and love the simple beauty in that. Let this day be your reminder that if you are fighting for something or someone, keep fighting. If you are waiting, keep waiting. If you are scared, that you can’t be brave if you are not scared. I hope you feel peace and calm and joy and relief. I hope you have hope. I hope you find your freedom. Whatever it may be. Find it and cherish it and this day, Fight for it. Fight.

Typewriter Series #826 by Tyler Knott Gregson

Text for Tired Eyes:

What if I kiss all the spots
you taught yourself to hate?
What if I placed my hands on them
and left them still, long enough
for my heat to join yours
and you to forget there was ever air
between our skin?
What if I love all you loathe
and what if I spend my days
dirtying up your brain that was washed?
Show you new pictures of the same you
you started avoiding in the mirror?
What if I say all they say is wrong
and fill your ears with honest words
in a language you stopped practicing?
What if I plant new flowers
in the places you frown at,
and teach you the names of them
as they bloom? 
What if I told you to never cut them
and let the petals decorate the floor
as you twirl through your life?
What if you forget
you were ever anything other
than beautiful?