How long have you sat there, waiting to be noticed? How patient have you been, how many storms have you weathered? Do the cracks in you scare you from time to time, can you feel yourself breaking? I see you, and I see myself. Lost in the field, waiting for the light. (at Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa)

Your wish is my command…again.  Lots of emails coming in asking if I’ll do another print sale, so here we go :)  It’s on again, so keep the orders coming.  Anyone that orders 10 prints or more, I’ll toss in a handwritten haiku surprise :) 

Also, I know I’ve said this before, but pre-sale information for Chasers of the Light is right around the corner, I think this coming weekend/week.  Really exciting news to announce with it.  Hold tight.  Almost there!

Wherever you are, it’s cold here alone. Whatever you fear, you’re never alone. I am here, where I’ve always been, but I’ll never be there if you don’t let me in. Set down the worry, the weight and the fear, set them all down and turn there into here. (at Emigrant Peak, MT)

Typewriter Series #822 by Tyler Knott Gregson

Text for Tired Eyes:

And just like the moon so forlornly needs to shine itself on the tired sailor and just like that tired sailor needs so badly to trust the ship that he’s steering and just like that ship needs its sails to catch the wind and push it and just like that wind needs the sea to dance above and that sea needs its dolphins to gracefully play inside and those dolphins need the waves to surf their way through and just like the waves need so achingly to crash into the sand and the sand needs to find itself dimpling your skin when it’s caught inside your bathing suit and just like that skin needs the soap to wash off the sand and just like the soap needs these hands to lather it into bubbles that will float around the tub and just like those hands need to be held, slippery and pruney as they might be, I need you.

Do you need me, too?