Quick update on the bookplates since I am getting at least 30 emails or comments a day about them :) they are en route soon! Penguin is shipping separate and as soon as I am finished signing this last batch of 2000 they will be on the way to you! Sorry for the delay, with how much travel I have had to do, it’s been tough catching up!

Daily Haiku on Love in Book Form?

Just putting this out there as a feeler…would you all like a book of Daily Haiku on Love?  Actual book form, something to hold?  I was thinking it would be so fun to have some handwritten and some just text and maybe even some on photographs?  Just wondering if there is enough interest on this to pursue it, as it’s something I’d love to make :)

Let me know in the comments if you please!

Is it here I’d stay if I had wings today? Would you wish to go if you ever sank this low? Would I love the sky if I could fly that high? Would it set you free if they truly saw me? Could we survive the weather if we just flew together? Did you know the air sings when you start to trust your wings? I wonder if fate grows weary from the wait.

What would happen if we looked up instead of down? If we jumped instead of retreated? If we imagined flying instead of falling and trusted our wings more than gravity? We spend so much time teaching ourselves to swallow pills we have no business swallowing, we forget that we have always had the choice to spit them out.