Wait for me and I will join you. I know not where we wander, I care not where we end. Wait for me and I will guide you. I will calm the waters before you find them. I will teach the wind to carry us.

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A terrifying fact that we as Americans surfing the internet most often do not have to worry about is this:  Hunger, is very, very, very real.  Every single second, someone somewhere is struggling to find enough to eat.  Every single day, kids are falling asleep with empty stomachs.  We can help.  @Sevenly and Food For The Poor are pairing up this week to help make a dent in starvation.  Every single purchase you amazing people make this week feeds a child in Guatemala for Two Months.  Yes, two full months with one shirt purchase.  You can get your hands on this rad  shirt, or another like it designed by amazing designers and artists, and in the process put food in the belly of a deserving child.  Please help, please, it’s our time to make a difference, so let’s show everyone just how much we can.

Please go here:


and buy a shirt, or two or 10.  You can also click the link in @Sevenly ‘s bio, just make sure you head over there and at the very least, learn more about the cause.  Thank you, as always, for your amazing hearts.

@Krochet Kids, as I have mentioned in the past, is a charity I am so over the moon excited about helping out.  Over the Winter (and it’s been a NASTY Winter so they were amazing in doing so) they sent a few amazing products my way to help spread the world, and it’s a word I am so pleased to help spread.  The bottom line with Krochet Kids, is empowerment.  Not in the abstract and far-away sense of the word, but in the hands-on, real life and unbelievably moving sense.  Please go check out their video:


and start buying up some of their ridiculously amazing products.  Check out @SarahLinden in her beanie, one of the many rad hats, shirts, stickers and bags they sell.  Please help, what they do goes so far for truly empowering people to take their lives into their own hands and rise up from their situations to Actually change their lives. 

Today, today is a good day for today, today is this amazing man’s birthday. This is my Daddy-O and over the years I’ve watched him transform from my father to one of my very best friends. Soon, he will head off to Spring Training once more and the countdown to his return will begin again. Happy Birthday Daddy O! Thank you for showing me the way, for teaching me to find my own road and leave it paved behind me. Everyone go wish @elganso33 a happy birthday, do it for me, do it for him.

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