Every single day, people are vanishing.  Stolen.  Taken.  Lost.  Modern day slavery is happening RIGHT NOW as people are being forced into sex trafficking and it absolutely has to stop.  We can no longer sit idle while people vanish into the streets, while human trafficking and these ridiculous affronts to human rights are happening in front of our eyes.  Every single purchase of this shirt, or any of the other radly designed shirts that @Sevenly is selling, sends $7 directly to the Polaris Project, an amazing and inspiring charity that provides crisis intervention, with staff on call 24/7 to respond immediately to victims in crisis, and long-term care including counseling, emergency housing, food, emergency medical and mental health treatment.  They are doing wonderful things and with our help can do so much more.  Click the link in @Sevenly ‘s bio or head here:


Help.  Please.  Thank you, as always, for giving each week.  Means the world to me.  

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The poem I wrote on my great friend @laceandlikes chalkboard armoire the morning we left her and @imfreakingugly ‘s house. I love leaving little poems as going away gifts. Sometimes hidden. Sometimes big in plain sight.

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Check out this gorgeous shot my amazing partner @sarahlinden snapped during our Maybe You Are All The Wild wedding shoot in Southern California. More to come from this shoot so do stay tuned, and remember my photography company, Treehouse Photography, still has openings for 2014 and 2015! Email us today at info@treehouse photography.org We travel EVERYWHERE. :)

We see the blur, the long tail of time moving and we feel ourselves aging. We see star trails and moonsets and we forget that it’s us that spins. We, the frantically spinning top in an ocean of pinpricked black. We, the small inside the infinite.

Jamaican Moonset Long Exposure over Sea (by TylerKnott)

My Mom just sent me this video of my niece, Winslow, explaining my version of “Do Re Mi” that I sing to make her laugh. :) The end of the video has her saying that she should “wash my mouth off with soap” hahahaha. I love being an uncle.

I waited for the flash, the shock of green to spread across the surface of the sea. I stared and fought to keep my jaw from dropping and watched the sun sink below the horizon, dipping hot toes into cool waters. In the end the flash never came, in the end it never mattered.

The Dipping of the Sun in Jamaica Clouds (by TylerKnott)

Love is still louder. @sarahlinden and Arnold know it, do you? There is still time to purchase a shirt just like this or the hoodies we posted earlier this week! Remember every single purchase sends $7 to the Love is Louder campaign and charity. Please help us. There are at risk kids in need everywhere and we can help. Click the in @sevenly ‘s bio or go to www.sevenly.org/tyler1 today. Please.
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