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Typewriter Series #840 by Tyler Knott Gregson

Text for Tired Eyes:

I have dirty hands you know,
worked tired and stained
from efforts spent
on all the things
I always knew mattered.
They are strong you know,
strong in strange places
with calluses from holding on.
My fingers stretch wide you know,
together they form a bowl
big enough to catch all the tears
that fall from you. 
They’ve always been quick to wrinkle
you know,
extra grip so you don’t slip
when they are still wet from your sadness.
They are tender hands you know,
you won’t mind the roughness
of me
on the smoothness
of you. 
They are brave hands you know,
though I shake they are steady
and they know the ways
to hold you through your quivering.
It’s ok to be scared you know,
I have these hands you know,
and these dirty, strong hands,
these tender and brave hands
were made to carry you. 

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There’s the path now take that step. I know you know I know it’s long, you know I know you know it’s scary, but we’ll never get to where we wish to be, if we do not start with a step or two…or three.

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