In the mail Monday, I received this package of goodies from the amazing @colectivocoffee in Milwaukee. There was no note, no mention of who it was from, so I don’t know if it was from Colectivo or someone else. All it said was Happy Birthday. So, to whomever sent this, or if it was the rad people at @colectivocoffee , THANK YOU! I love it all.

The ability to partner with you, to help spread your message in such a positive and relevant way, is monumentally important to me. I have Hope tattooed on my left forearm for the things I have endured; it is the way I’ve written “love” on my arm, and I’m happy to play a role, however small, in helping spread that movement to others in need.


- Tyler Knott Gregson 

Photographer and poet Tyler Knott Gregson just announced that he will donate $1 to TWLOHA for every copy of Chasers of the Light sold between now and September 2nd. 

(via twloha)

Yesterday I announced my pre-sale information for my book, Chasers of the Light. I asked for your help showing the world that poetry still belongs on bookshelves and modern poetry has a place. You responded, my goodness you responded. Somehow you all snuck me into the #1 spot for both Art books and most excitingly, Poetry books as well. My little book is sitting up with some of my favorite poets of all time, Angelou, Poe, Whitman, Seuss. I am blown away.
Thank you. So sincerely. Keep it up because the more orders we get, the more money we give to @twloha , and that is so rad. Don’t forget to sign up for a free book plate once you pre order. I can’t wait to start signing them! Click the link in my bio or go to for more information!

Chasers of the Light pre-sale information is finally here, and I can finally let the cat out of the bag, as it were!  I am so sorry it’s taken a bit longer to finally leak out all the important details, we had some decisions to make, some connections to forge, and some art to produce, but we’re ready!  I am so excited to announce that I am partnering with one of my most favorite charities, To Write Love On Her Arms @twloha with the launch of my book and for Every single pre-sale, $1 will be going directly to TWLOHA to help them spread their message of hope, love and strength.  I couldn’t be happier to pair with them and am so honored to be a little member of their family. 

Also, as part of the pre-sale campaign, ANYONE ordering (or that has already ordered) my book can also receive a book plate, signed by me, designed by the amazingly talented @just_me_av .  Just fill out the form and it can be yours too :)  Penguin and Perigee have been so rad through this whole process and making these fun extras happen, and I cannot thank them enough.

So for more details please go here:  or click the link in my Instagram Bio @tylerknott and start ordering my book!  It’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, and I believe at any major book seller.  Let’s show the world that poetry belongs on bookshelves still, and for every single one of you that has supported me thus far, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I have been wandering around this planet for 33 years and in that time I have learned a lot of things. Chiefly among them, I have learned that life is only as good as the people you share it with. This is my family, the original Gregson 5, before anyone else was added to it. We found ourselves alone last night for a brief moment until all of the additions to this 5 started trickling back in. Those additions have been wonderful ones, great men who love my sisters. Great children who were sprouted from that love. Life is only as good as who we share it with, it’s always been that way. It’s when we test this theory that we realize quickly that all we will feel is the lacks. Life is short, share it wisely.