They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. They say it promises a beautiful future. If that is the case then @allieedwards6 and her new husband David are destined for the happiest life of all. What a beautiful couple, what a stunning night. (at Trezzi Farm And Winery)

Sometimes my job absolutely takes my breath away. Tiny moments on grand stages, stunning views and all the universe reduced down to one set of lips finding another set of lips in all that space.

Treehouse Photography is currently booking all the way through 2016 and beyond. Email us:

Treehouse Photography hits the road today, on our way to beautiful Spokane, WA to shoot a wedding this weekend! I cannot wait to come to your cities, wherever you are, and photograph Your wedding.

People keep asking so I will say it again: Yes, it’s me that shoots your wedding with my rad partner @sarahlinden . Yes, we are open to traveling darn near anywhere. Yes, if you book us and I actually get to meet you and learn you, I will write you and yours a custom wedding poem. Yes, our email is :)

Stay tuned Spokane, we are coming for you. Maybe I will hide a poem.