All over this planet
I see how a day will fade,
I see people standing nervous
for the promises to be made.
I see the first kisses
the first dances and slow turning
I see the moon cheer up
when the sky finishes her burning.
All over this big planet
I see the colors before night,
after all I have seen I still know
I will always chase the light. (at Astico County Park)

Farewell Madison, you have been spectacular.
We want to meet you in your towns, we want to photograph Your weddings. If you or anyone you know is getting married, email us at and we can chat! (at Madison Museum of Contemporary Art)

I received a call yesterday from my wonderful publishers and editors at Penguin and Perigee to inform me that all of you did something amazing. You, all of you, cared enough to make my little book a National Bestseller. Chasers of the Light debuted at #4 on the Chicago Tribune Bestsellers List, #4 on the Publishers Weekly list, #93 on the USA Today, and #9 on the Wall Street Journal Bestsellers list. I am humbled and flattered and in awe of all of you. Poetry is not dead and we are showing the entire world that. Thank you. With all my heart thank you.

Also, pretty sure this is the closest I will ever get to @Oprah in my life :)
#tylerknott #chasersofthelight #poetryisnotdead (at The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club)

Continuing my tradition of weird “special requests” whilst booking hotels online, this time around I requested a laminated photo of Bill Nye The Science Guy. The Madison Concourse Hotel obliged…then obliged twice more. Raddest hotel ever. Well played my friends. Well played. (at The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club)