Another photo I loved of Jess and Andy on their wedding day. I have said it once and I will say it again, I love my job and I love photographing weddings and I really do want to photograph yours.
Please, if you of anyone you know is getting married, email us at and we will work something out. We travel everywhere in the world. Yes. Everywhere.

I am lying on the earth, my ear is to the track; I’m waiting for the sounds, that say you’re coming back. I’ve seen so many sunsets, I’ve seen the colored skies; I want to see the day fade, and my reflection in your eyes.
My ear is on the train track, my body is on the ground; I’ve been listening so Very long, but I do not hear a sound. (at The Head Lane Homestead)

Another recent wedding photo my company, Treehouse Photography, snapped. This time in the middle of Paradise Valley, MT.
We really would love to meet you, and to photograph your wedding. Sincerely, if anyone you know is getting married, please shoot us an email and we will see what we can work out. We travel everywhere in the world, and cannot wait to hear from you.

I love this image we got from Emylee and Craig’s magical wedding up in Big Sky, MT.
Please don’t forget my little photography company, Treehouse Photography, travels literally everywhere in the world and we are dying to meet you and shoot Your weddings. All of you. Email me at if you or anyone you know is getting hitched :)