Where are you? Crawl through the shadowed lands and I will never let fear avert my gaze. I will lock my eyes to your journey, so when you look up, you will see the light reflecting back in them. Follow them, follow them like you are a lost ship and my eyes are the lighthouse. Follow them home. Where are you?

There are still places that time seems to leave alone, that progress and the machine of modernization ignores just a bit longer than the rest. I am just lucky enough to live so close to so many of them. If you haven’t seen Montana yet, I am so sincerely sorry.

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Gorgeous night for a gorgeous wedding. The smoke cleared just enough to decorate the sky with color. I love my job and the places it takes me, the people it lets me meet, the crazy corners of this planet it shows me.
We shoot weddings all over the world and I would love to meet You. If you or anyone you know is getting married and needs a photographer, please email me at info@treehousephotography.org and we can chat! Plus, I will totally write the happy couple a wedding poem :) (at Sourdough Trail)