There are a few moments, at every single wedding that I shoot, that feel like magic and show you so exactly how the couple feels about one another. Finding those moments, discovering them, is my most favorite thing about my job.
I want to find your moments. The ones that highlight your love. If you or anyone you know is getting married, we travel absolutely everywhere, email us at


In case you missed it, @twloha picked winners for our amazing #twlohaxtkg contest! Congrats go out to @bejazled @katieevelynxo @myvdb @sidneykayy and @stephm729 !

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It has been so wonderful hearing from so many of you in so many places about when you and yours are getting married. I am so happy that some of you have already booked to shoot with me and my company Treehouse Photography, and I want to meet more of you.
We travel Everywhere and we are dying to meet you. Email us at and we will figure it all out!

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