My favorite side effect of how far my little words have traveled is all of the amazing artists from all over the world who have sent me as gifts or traded with me, their art. The wonderful @fiarago mailed me this rad painting as she knew how much I loved whales. Unbelievable. Thank you so much @fiarago , you are so insanely talented.


I have completely lost count of how many amazing places my eyes have seen thanks to my job. I love what I do, so very much, and still pinch myself daily to think I found a way to make a living traveling and being a part of such special days for people.
The bottom line is, that cliche old quote is true, if you love, truly love your job, you will never work a day in your life. The second bottom line is, I want to see more places and meet more people and be with You on your special days. If you or anyone you know is getting married, my fun little company, Treehouse Photography, travels Everywhere. Email us at and let’s make it happen. (at Bridger Bowl Ski Area)