There is so much to see, so many creatures to meet, so much love to give. There are new roads to find, new skies to dance beneath, new memories to build. Now is the time to live the life you have always wanted to live. Now. Now. (at Scratchgravel Hills)

My first ever Throwback Thursday. Assuming it is in fact Thursday, I lose track of the days. This was two or so years ago and I remember it being one of the first photos I’ve seen of myself where I recognized me. I have trouble finding me in photos of me, and for some reason with this one I didn’t. I think it’s the wrinkles by my eyes that made me see. They are deeper now. More laughter and more tears carved them so, eroded away by heartache and joy.

I have rocks in my roots
and I am bent from the wind,
I am all alone once again,
will I be alone in the end?

My branches are dry
and snapped from the storm,
Without all your sunlight,
will I ever feel warm?

I’ll hold tight to your earth,
I’ll ask not when or why,
I’ll wrap snug to your rocks
I’ll throw my leaves in your sky.

My favorite side effect of how far my little words have traveled is all of the amazing artists from all over the world who have sent me as gifts or traded with me, their art. The wonderful @fiarago mailed me this rad painting as she knew how much I loved whales. Unbelievable. Thank you so much @fiarago , you are so insanely talented.