I have never, and will never, lose my sense of complete and utter wonderment at the world that lives and breathes and grows and swims and flies around us. We are guests of the natural world on this little planet and maybe if we spent more time acting like we were lucky to be here instead of entitled to own the place, all things would settle and calm. (at Saint Louis Zoo)

I’ve seen the sun fall
behind mountains stacked high
I’ve seen it dip low
where no hills block the sky.
I’ve seen all the colors
paint forests and fields of corn
I’ve traveled so far
my new boots are now worn. (at Oak Terrace Resort)

Sometimes things happen to you in life that you never see coming, never plan for, and as such never quite feel worthy of. The Wall Street Journal, @wsj , just did an article about me and Chasers of the Light, and it’s online and in the print edition today. Head to your local newsstand and check it out here: http://online.wsj.com/articles/tyler-knott-gregsons-poetry-cracks-best-seller-lists-1411060387 (at Pana Lake)

(Source: tylerknott.com)