I wish I could be them so I could fly away. I wish my wings made the right song to make you stay. I wish I was the black on the grey. I wish I always knew the right words to say. I wish you knew that yesterday was worth less than today. I wish I could be them so I could fly away.

It’s come to my attention that all of you amazing folks out there still want Print Sales to be going on, in conjunction with the book being out :)  I am thrilled about this, as it is a really fun and easy way for me to get signed copies of my poems all over the world, places the book isn’t available yet, and it allows me to get things signed for people who weren’t eligible this time around for a book plate.  So, for all of you that have asked over the past few weeks, Yes, the Print Sale is still going on :) 

I just sent out a huge batch today.  Australia, Belgium, Germany, Canada, and Spain in this order, and I love seeing how many new countries each time.  Thank you all for your amazing support!

If you are the light in the trees, then I am the shadow left behind. If you are the last warm breeze, then I am the creaking branches it will find. There is only one fact I cannot ignore, whatever I am you are more. (at Oak Terrace Resort)

I will be photographing a wedding here today, here under these exalted and vaulted ceilings. No matter what you choose to believe in, no matter how you choose to believe it, it is always perfectly acceptable to appreciate a beautiful place. I love the haunted echo of voices inside this church. (at Cathedral of Saint Helena)

Due to the insanely amazing response with the first collaboration sale with the wonderful @greentagclothing , and all of the people that wished to purchase but couldn’t as they sold out, we have decided to do another collaboration! This time, however, we need Your help!

From now until Monday, I need you to all ring in with Your favorite poem from my Typewriter Series, just comment back with the #, and whichever gets the most votes will be chosen to make another limited edition bag! All recycled leather, and such a great cause. Comment away! We cannot wait to hear from you!
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