Today is the day!  My little book, Chasers of the Light, is officially out and we still have the chance to push it to the #1 spot and show the whole world that poetry is not dead.  Thank ALL of you for all you’ve done so far to make this so amazing.  Now I have something to give back :) 
Right now, I am so happy to announce that I’ve paired up with Penguin and Perigee to offer an amazing sweepstakes.  From now until September 7th, go into any bookstore and snap a photo of yourself with my book, upload it to Instagram or Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook with the hashtag #chasersofthelight to be officially entered.  I can’t legally say you have to buy the book, but obviously I’d love it if you did :)  The winner, chosen at random in about 10 days, will receive a rad prize…a photoshoot for you in Your hometown with me and my wonderful partner Sarah Linden, as Treehouse Photography is coming to you!  I will get to meet you, hang out, snap some amazing photos of you and yours, and you get all the images when we’re done!  There are some fun Runner-Up prizes as well, including signed books and Prints from my Typewriter Series.  
For more details and the rules, click the link in my bio or go to    and start entering! 

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but somehow my little book Chasers of the Light, is #30 of All books on All of Amazon right now. I am astounded by your support. Tell you what, if it hits number 1, even for a moment, I will randomly give away a signed copy of the book with a haiku just for you written in the front cover. Spread the word. Poetry is not Dead.

Click the link in my bio or go to and click the Book Icon to order.
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After all this time and all this work and a lifetime of words, it’s so hard to believe that tomorrow, this little book will be officially released to the world. I am humbled and flattered by the support I have received all of you amazing people, and I just have one favor to ask: Please help me show the world that poetry, new poetry, still matters. Please help me spread the word about this little book and get people buying it. Every single pre order I am donating $2 to an amazing and hauntingly relevant charity, @twloha and the more books are ordered, the more money I give.

Thank you. All of you, for helping make this dream come true. I love you all and I hope when this book finds your hands, you love every word you read.