I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but somehow my little book Chasers of the Light, is #30 of All books on All of Amazon right now. I am astounded by your support. Tell you what, if it hits number 1, even for a moment, I will randomly give away a signed copy of the book with a haiku just for you written in the front cover. Spread the word. Poetry is not Dead.

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After all this time and all this work and a lifetime of words, it’s so hard to believe that tomorrow, this little book will be officially released to the world. I am humbled and flattered by the support I have received all of you amazing people, and I just have one favor to ask: Please help me show the world that poetry, new poetry, still matters. Please help me spread the word about this little book and get people buying it. Every single pre order I am donating $2 to an amazing and hauntingly relevant charity, @twloha and the more books are ordered, the more money I give.

Thank you. All of you, for helping make this dream come true. I love you all and I hope when this book finds your hands, you love every word you read.


Typewriter Series #885 by Tyler Knott Gregson

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Text for Tired Eyes:

This is an open letter to the boy I was and to the boy that will be again.  I’m not going to send this and the stamp won’t come but you’ll learn it anyway.  Against the odds and through the  tears and through more laughter than you think one body can produce. 

When you stop being you and turn into me and sit here alone looking back at the you you once were, pause, breathe and start writing this again. 

You’ve written it once (and by once I mean a million times over and over and over again) and you will write
it again.